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San Francisco, CA, USA - potentially remote

Advances in AI, inexpensive sensors, and growing computational power are finally making it possible for autonomous systems to operate out in the world. Self-driving cars to ease our commutes, delivery robots to reinvent local commerce, and construction robots to make building faster and safer... they're all coming.

Our mission is to foster a thriving ecosystem of hundreds of innovative robotics companies as they solve an unimaginable array of important problems. To succeed, they are going to need access to the same quality of development tools and data infrastructure that made the web and mobile revolutions possible, but built to their needs.

That's where Raven[Ops] comes in.


Each of our customer's robots can generate 1-7TB of data per hour. Our first challenge is triaging that data flow.

At that data scale we have fascinating challenges with even simple tasks like aggregation, transmission and storage.

We are working on many novel ways to work with and process robotics data, both real-time and post-processed and are in the process of filing several patents.


  • A complex multi-threaded coordination engine.
  • Prioritized edge compute task management and advanced queueing architectures.
  • Real-time on-robot stream collector and command & control interface.
  • Developing a better open source binary storage format to replace the currently used industry format.

We are looking for a Go backend engineer in SF, Seattle, Pittsburgh or Boston with 4 years professional development experience, at least 1 year in Go.

How to apply

Send resume or a link to a detailed LinkedIn to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.