Posted Mar 7, 2018
Gdańsk, Poland


As a software engineer at Andiamo you will predominantly focus on storing and processing patient and 3D data, as well as integrating with healthcare organisations, 3D printers and other partners in the supply chain.

This could be building some REST APIs, thinking about transferring large 3D files over small and unreliable data pipes or optimising how we utilise our AWS resources. We use Go as our main platform language, but a decent grasp of JavaScript or Python and a healthy interest in dabbling with new languages and technologies will be required. A big part of our data is 3D body data so you might need to brush up on some matrix mathematics, Python scripting, get some desktop software working in headless mode and glue things together with bash scripts just to get the job done.

We’re quite flexible with experience level because we all have different career paths and interest areas. An initial experience with Go would be great, but it's not a deal breaker. We can imagine that coming from a Java, Python or Node background will work well. We do require you to have a sound understanding of how the internet works and some of the challenges of building distributed systems. During our initial conversations we will go into the details of building REST APIs, HTTP and status codes, how to test distributed systems, failures, integration best practices, etc. We’re still learning every day and are very much looking forward to learning from you as well.

You will be working closely with your colleagues in Gdansk and London, with occasional travel required.

Note to recruitment agencies: Andiamo does not accept speculative CVs from recruitment agencies, nor do we accept any T&Cs and fees if we engage with any of the presented candidates directly.


You should be comfortable in the following and most of our discussions will focus on this:

  • Designing and building backend APIs and integrations so a thorough understanding of HTTP, REST, integration patterns, failure, testing, etc is required. We use Go for building our APIs with negroni and gorilla as the foundation.
  • Designing and building web applications that are exposed to the internet, so understanding things like OWASP, common web security vulnerabilities, performance, etc. We currently use Go templates but are considering React and React Native clients in the future.
  • Testing distributed systems: we use the standard Go tests for the internal tests and use Selenium with for frontend applications.
  • Basic IT support: we’re a tiny team so that means we occasionally need to set up a new computer for a colleague, check some logs on our file server or troubleshoot the coffee machine (the usual tech duties that you do for your family and friends…)

We’re a tiny team so we expect everyone to work across the whole stack. Don’t worry, we all have our focus areas and interest but you should be excited to start learning the following:

  • Amazon Web Services infrastructure: we’re currently using a fairly standard set of AWS products (EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, DynamoDB, etc). All of this is managed with Terraform scripting and our CI environment is set up with a combination of Codeship and AWS CodeDeploy.
  • 3D data formats (e.g. OBJ or STL), Blender 3D, Python or other CAD related technologies
  • Security and compliance: we’re a healthcare technology company that deals with patient data so there is a big focus on data protection, encryption, audit trails, etc. Don’t worry, we still deploy multiple times per day and we don't use locked-down Windows XP computers with Remote Desktop clients.
  • Frontend development: we’re not expecting you to be a frontend expert, but a good grasp of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS will be required. Some experience with React or Angular will be amazing but not essential.


  • B2B Invoicing 12 000 PLN / month - 16 000 PLN / month (permanent employment is possible as well)
  • Flexible working hours (to cater to commute or family commitments)
  • Flexible working from home arrangements. Most people work 1 to 2 days a week from home. We also provide budget to buy some equipment (e.g. monitor) for home.
  • Share options for full time roles
  • Budget for conferences and training
  • Occasional travel to our sister office in London

How to apply

Apply here or email your CV to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.