London, UK - fully remote


Our Software Engineering Team is 100% remote and distributed across 19 European countries. Our engineers work within small, agile, self-managed teams that emphasise best practice and believe quality is everyone’s responsibility. They favour collaborative development and leverage open-source tools and communities, whilst making sure to share their know-how back up stream. 


At Form3 you will have the opportunity to design, develop and deploy backend cloud-native services within a containerised microservices architecture. The work is cutting edge, constantly changing and focused on building and operating critical, highly available, low latency, scalable solutions. 

Play an active role in introducing new technologies and ways of working to stay ahead of the competition, without ever compromising on quality. Contribute and collaborate with other engineers on technical and architectural decisions. Enjoy end-to-end ownership from concept to deployment, including building and operating infrastructure, toolset and deployment pipelines. Develop your skills, work on cool projects with the latest tech, all whilst working with a talented, diverse and friendly group of people. 

Here are a few of the tools and methodologies we utilise: 

Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Kubernetes 

Platform: CockroachDB, Elasticsearch, PostgresDB, Vault, Consul, Linkerd, NATS  

Tools: Terraform, GitHub, Prometheus, 

Code: Go (and a little Java), containerised microservices, CQRS, open-source 

Ways of working: TDD/BDD, Pair Programming, 100% remote, DevSecOps 


  • Experience in designing and building complex distributed systems
  • Familiarity with cloud and containerisation technologies, test automation tools and CI/CD pipelines
  • Interest in owning projects end-to-end and supporting them as they go live in production 
  • Appreciation of clean code and software engineering best-practice 
  • A passion for learning and an interest in Go (previous experience isn’t required), along with a “right tool for the job” mentality 
  • Exceptional communication skills who enjoy sharing knowledge and collaborating with others 

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.