🌎 Fully remote
180000 240000 YEAR USD
💰 USD 180K - 240K / year

We are seeking an experienced backend Go developer to join our 100% remote team, reporting to the CTO. This is a great opportunity to join a tight-knit, fast-growing startup that is changing an industry.  

Your team:

The Digital Ticket Wallet product team focuses on delivering value to users with digital tickets to events organized by our customers, as well as to the box office, ticket takers, and ushers for those events. The team aims to allow ticket holders and ticket issuers to quickly and seamlessly do everything with their digital tickets that they can with a paper ticket. In addition, this team leverages the unique characteristics of digital ticketing to reduce ticket fraud, and augment communication between event organizer and ticket holders, facilitate self-serve transfer and re-sale of tickets, and enhance event organizer insight into the chain of custody of each ticket.

The Digital Ticket Wallet product team discovers, designs, builds, and owns our ticket wallet web application, QR code, and related authentication services. All of these services are hosted in our cloud. The team consumes data provided by a tight integration with the primary ticketing systems used by event organizers, and provides data back to that integration as users interact with their tickets.

What we offer:

  • Compensation: salary and equity (compensation and balance are negotiable)
  • Highly collaborative and fun work environment
  • Flexible daily work schedule
  • Flexible paid time off
  • Work with noteworthy arts, culture, and event venues around the world
  • Professional development and training
  • Benefits: medical, dental, and vision group insurance
  • 401K retirement
  • Occasional travel to exciting destinations for company retreats

Developers at True Tickets…

  • Work in the context of a small, empowered, cross-functional product team focused on delivering value to their target customers.
  • Participate in product discovery efforts to learn first-hand from our customers and stakeholders about their evolving needs.
  • Conduct experiments to validate product hypotheses and accelerate team learning.
  • Follow rigorous development practices aimed at producing software of the highest quality (agile processes and ceremonies, test-driven development, continuous delivery, documentation as code, pair programming, detailed code review, etc.).
  • Continuously own the code after it ships, ensuring it continues to perform well, investigating issues, fixing bugs, and enhancing the product in big and small ways over time.
  • Are involved in decisions related to many technologies: Google Cloud Infrastructure, Web APIs written in Go, Serverless data pipelines, Kafka event topics and schema design, and more.

What you will be working on:

  • Build the next generation of functionality for our product to increase performance of the integration
  • Work with product manager, technical lead, and usability specialist to understand desired capabilities and define testing scenarios
  • Participate as a co-equal member of a cross-functional, durable product team
  • Develop a deep understanding of our customers' problems in the ticketing space so you can leverage your technical expertise to build innovative, robust, and elegant solutions
  • Collaborate with back-end developers on your team to provide seamless system integration as well as triage and troubleshoot complex production issues
  • Write high quality code that has automated testing coverage
  • Use problem solving skills to deliver high quality systems that are both reliable and simple

What we will want you to bring to the table

  • A minimum of 8+ years of software experience working on technology-powered products
  • 3+ years of development in Go microservices and event-driven services
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience writing tests (unit tests and integration tests)
  • Respect and empathy for the customer
  • Intense curiosity about people, organizations, and systems
  • Strong communication, collaboration, and relationship skills
  • Facility adapting technical communications to a range of skill levels
  • Growth mindset that welcomes opportunities to learn and improve
  • Ability to work effectively as a remote employee
  • Comfortable writing documentation
  • Self-motivated; ability to work efficiently from home in a virtual office environment

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.