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Fully remote

Who we are

We are Vuu, a dedicated team of movie and TV enthusiasts building a unique content platform centered around movies and tv-series for web, mobile and third-party systems.

Currently, we're growing our design and development team from the ground up. Given the competitive nature of our industry and the app development space, we're keeping our efforts to ourselves for the time being. But we'd love to give the right person the grand tour, and the option to join an exciting new startup in its early stages.

We are very open to remote freelancers, but require you to be open to visit our main office in Norway on a regular basis. Our remote workers start with a 2-3 day period in Norway before transitioning back to their remote locations, and come back to Norway every ~3-6 months as needed. All trips and stays in Norway are of course paid for by us.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a driven, responsible and careful Go developer with a strong focus on building, monitoring and maintaining our cloud infrastructure and a drive to ensuring the highest service uptime possible. You also take care for developer support if things break on production so you need a deep understanding and involvement in our backend development in Go and a positive, problem-solving attitude under stress.

Your job will be split 50/50 between backend development and ensuring uptime of our production systems.

Our stack is a Go mono repo with Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch and several Google Cloud services. All self-hosted services are running in a Kubernetes Cluster inside Google Cloud.

You need to live in Europe to make remote collaboration in terms of timezones easier.

You have:

  • 4+ years in backend development, preferably Go
  • 3+ years as DevOps or SRE with a focus on Docker and Kubernetes
  • a passion for building & maintaining scalable and highly-available web services
  • experience with load testing, disaster recovery and the management of "fire drills"
  • experience in setup, administration and operation of modern software and hardware monitoring solutions
  • experience in developing, administration and monitoring of Postgres, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kibana and CI
  • experience with popular Google Cloud services in production
  • experience in providing support to other developers if production issues occur
  • a positive, calm, problem-solving attitude "when the sh.. hits the fan"
  • experience with agile & distributed software development (Kanban, Slack)
  • nice to have: software and network security experience
  • nice to have: an open-source track record on Github
  • had long discussions with friends about the Mirror Universe, the Upside Down, who the Man in Black is, or the accuracy of the human portrayals in The Crown

What we offer:

  • work in an international team of truly gifted people
  • work full-time remote
  • work on something that will have be used by millions of people

The description above is not a requirement for applying. If you don’t tick all the boxes, show us how you’re special anyway, and why you’d be a great fit.

This is truly a unique opportunity to build a great, one-of-a-kind, international product while at the same time work with the global film and TV industry. You’ll have passionate, international colleagues committed in heart and mind to the product we're building.

Vuu is an equal-opportunity employer. We are committed to inclusivity, believing that diversity in the workplace is required to build something that has the potential to make a global impact and to cultivate healthy company culture. If you are a member of an underrepresented, marginalised group, or have a cultural background different from most Norwegians', we strongly encourage you to apply.

How to apply

Email me at or send me a Twitter DM @skreutzb

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please let us know so that we can keep the jobs all about Go.