Tokyo, Japan

Mercari's Backend Team is currently entering a major transition phase as part of the company's efforts to fulfill our mission of "creating value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.” The Mercari app has been growing at an incredible pace ever since its release and is now the largest C2C platform in Japan. The Mercari API codebase has also expanded in line with the service's growth and the variety of challenges faced. As we anticipate our service to grow at an even greater speed in the future, we are aiming to use microservices to help achieve Mercari JP's mission.

Although the Mercari API was designed and implemented as a monolithic API, we are working on migrating the API to microservices. This will allow us to divide responsibilities and make technological investments for a stronger system and organization capable of handling even greater expansion. Of course, we will continue to run our services as we implement these changes, and we aim to make daily improvements to provide an even better experience for our customers. Our backend engineers are expected to uphold the values “Go Bold” and “All for One” as they work to transform our systems and organization and contribute to our service's growth.

We are seeking backend engineers who can work proactively and independently during the team's current stage, taking ownership over various discussions, developing features, providing spec feedback, and making technical decisions.

Job Description:

*Design, development, and operation of Mercari's API and web app using Go and PHP

*Design, development, and operation of tools to support the customer support team and planning-related work

*Design, development, and operation of various microservices making up the Mercari API

*Lead the team's development

Technical Environment:

Languages: Go & PHP

Infrastructure: Dedicated servers, MySQL, memcached, Nginx, Solr, Elastic Search, Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Spanner, Cloud SQL, Datastore, Storage, Stackdriver Logging, Dataflow, Pub/Sub, etc.)

Configuration management tool: Terraform

CI/CD: Circle CI / Spinnaker

Monitoring: Stackdriver Monitoring / Datadog / PagerDuty / Sentry / Mackerel / NewRelic / ELK Stack

Knowledge Tools: Confluence / Crowi

Other: GitHub / Slack / JIRA

Process: Scrum


Minimum Qualifications:

Strong understanding of the company mission and values

Ability to design, develop and operate large-scale backend systems in heavy traffic scenarios

Knowledge of and experience with software test including unit testing, functional testing, e2e testing

Knowledge of and experience with optimization of queries and data model design for the efficient usage of RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

Cloud development experience (preferably GCP, or AWS)

Experience with team development using Git/Github or similar version management systems


Experience with project management and/or team leadership

Experience with design, development, and operation of backend APIs using Go

Experience developing and operating in a microservices architecture

Experience with on-call support for a service

Knowledge of web app security

Experience with development using external APIs such as payment, delivery, etc.

Experience sharing and contributing to an OSS project

Experience with scrum

How to apply


Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.