Denver, CO, USA

Do you love to write code? Are you passionate about software craftsmanship? Would you like to work on projects with tangible impact?

As a software engineer in the Content Origination Group (COG), you will develop the server-side software that prepares video content for playback to a wide range of IP devices ranging from PCs, iOS, Android, gaming consoles and set-top boxes. At VIPER COG you will help shape the next generation, cloud-based, video delivery pipeline that provides live streams, full linear lineups, on-demand video and cloud DVR services.

Who will you work with?

You’ll have the chance to collaborate with industry experts from many disciplines: software architects, network engineers, big data scientists, player developers, content security specialists, and various streaming video technologists. A COG engineer also engages with quality assurance engineers, technical operators, and product owners on a daily basis. We’re a small team, delivering software solutions at the leading edge of streaming video technology in a very collaborative environment.

What are some interesting problems you’ll be working on?

Comcast manages an enormous library of on-demand videos and a vast number of national and regional linear channels. These video assets come in a variety of encoding technologies using different bitrates and different resolutions. We need to support video playback of all those assets on many different device types, with varying screen sizes, and varying connection qualities. The COG team provides solutions to manage the combinatorial complexity of matching up the disparate video sources to devices with different capabilities.

One of the new solutions this team is developing and managing is the next generation cloud DVR system (cDVR). We developed this system from ground up. The system will support millions of customers to record their favorite TV shows into the cloud, which enable them to watch their recordings from different devices anytime anywhere with Internet connection. You will help to develop new features and improve existing software to scale this system to support real-time recording of 8 terabytes of video per second. You will also help to develop different tools to deploy and manage the system at different locations, work with different teams to ensure the system runs healthy. Your work will make a noticeable impact on the industry and millions customers’ experience.

The COG team is also often called on to replace vendor provided solutions that were initially used to bootstrap previous initiatives. In this position, you will work on the packaging team adding new features to the Super8 packager and our cDVR products.

Where can you make an impact?

Your code will process the video content that is distributed to tens of millions of devices, all day, every day. The systems you design and build will enable first-to-market product features (for example: cloud DVR). You can help influence leading edge streaming video technology standards with real world lessons learned by being a first implementer. Replace expensive vendor provided solutions with better, more stable, more scalable, more operable platforms, and see that your individual contributions will have multi-million dollar impacts to the bottom line. Your work will directly impact millions of Comcast customers. No code is insignificant, you’ll find yourself walking around thinking “Hey, I did that!”


  • Design, develop, and maintain software applications to support new features. Improve existing software’s performance and stability. Ensure software modules are reliable and simple for reuse.
  • Improve software update and deployment process. Assist in the rollout of software releases
  • Collaborates with project stakeholders to identify product and technical requirements. Conducts analysis to determine integration needs
  • Works with Quality Assurance team to determine if applications fit specification and technical requirements
  • Diagnose system performance issues, propose and implement code improvements to achieve desired system performance
  • Be a team resource to help watch for new technologies and methodologies that are relevant to our problem space
  • Participate in devops and make all the things work in production
  • Operate and monitor production systems, propose improvements, develop tools to help lower the operational cost and increase the efficiency

Here are some of the specific technologies we use on the Content Origination:

  • Go (golang)
  • C, C++, Java, Python 3
  • MPEG 2, MPEG 4, HEVC, ABR Streaming
  • Linux (CentoOS)
  • Git
  • Apache httpd and the Apache Portable Runtime
  • Redis
  • MemSQL
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.