Belfast, UK - fully remote


This exciting and varied role will involve the design, development, testing and maintenance of GoLang software solutions. 

The role will involve working with established and experienced agile software development teams as part of 

Cloud Object Storage & Cloud Integration Services organisation. 

Project management will be driven by Technical Project Managers and developers will be responsible for component design, development and testing. 

Innovation, initiative, continuous improvement and career progression is expected of successful candidates.


Development of highly scalable GoLang packages and programs

Agile requirements specifications, component designs and interface specifications

Test-driven development, component testing and participating in system and integration testing

Highly dynamic agile working within a team of expert software developers and testers

Contributing to peer reviews of designs, code and test specifications

Agile reporting to Technical Project Managers, within the agile stand-ups and to end customers

Continuous innovation and improvement


• Degree in a relevant discipline (or alternatively possessing broader experience than required below)

• At least 2 years’ software development experience

• 1 years’ experience of commercial development using GoLang as the primary language

• Experience of development in a Linux / Unix / Containerised environment using Kubernetes

• Experience with the suite of GoLang frameworks and tools including:

1. Dependency management tools such as Godep

2. Go’s templating language

3. Go’s code generation tools such as Stringer

4. Popular Go web frameworks such as Revel, Gin or Gorilla

• Experience testing GO applications using BDD testing frameworks such as:

1. GODOG or Cucumber

2. Writing Gherkin scenarios

3. Generating GO mock interfaces using mockery

4. Mocking with Testify

5. Travis test and deploy

• Solid understanding of highly available, highly performant, distributed architectures

• Experience of configuration using one or more of the following:

1. Spring, Struts, Hibernate, iBatis

• Full software lifecycle in agile development technologies


1. Programming ability in one of: Java, C++, Python

2. 2+ years of Go development experience

3. Knowledge of AWS virtual private cloud

4. we recognise that the world of work has changed and our people have different needs and expectations from their employment and their employer.

How to apply

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.