San Francisco, CA, USA

Our Company

Beatable is redefining an industry that is long-overdue for change. We provide the only platform that allows unlicensed game developers to build legal gambling games for any device. We handle the math, the money, and the legal; game developers do what they do best: build innovative and fun games. On the other side of the ecosystem, our platform also gives players easy, safe and reliable access to the next generation of real money content and interaction. We're changing gambling for the better and we need your help!

Our Next Employee

Our next employee will be one problem-solving, automating, test-driven, self-motivating, understand the ramifications of working in a highly distributed system, impactful, passionate, push new features daily, and insatiably curious individual. We are looking for a person who knows the difference between a bug and a feature, premature optimization and careful forethought, over-engineering and under-delivering, when to use SQL vs. No-SQL, technical debt and just really bad code. They will be like a chef when it comes to balancing the flavor of a new feature, a surgeon when cleaning up code, a cave diver when debugging, and my college physics professor when it comes to testing (the more tests the better).

Looking for people with the following technical experience:

  • Go
  • Javascript/Node
  • One other statically typed language such as Java or C/C++
  • RESTful Webservices
  • System-Oriented-Archtecture

We would be really impressed if you also had experience with:

  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Cassandra
  • Highly available distributed systems
  • Messaging systems such as Kafka (or 0mq or AMQ)
  •  Continuous integration and TDD

Our Technology

We try to be technology agnostic, preferring suitability to ideology. Our services are small and chatty, communicating through well­ defined interfaces. Sometimes we compose them in ways that are surprising even to us. We think that’s healthy for a platform company. In general, we believe that sound system architecture and design are more important than any particular technology.

Day to day we use Node.js, Cassandra, Jenkins, Go, Puppet, and GitHub. We like continuous integration. In fact, we like most forms of process automation. Sometimes our tools make us happy, sometimes they make us sad. When they make us sad, we make them better.

Our Team

Betable engineering is an elite team of hardworking dreamers and tinkerers. We’re pragmatic, but we don’t let that interfere with our perfectionism. We know how to deal with eventual consistency and why partition tolerance matters. We test our code and sometimes our code tests us. We write and prefer simple, modular, readable code — correctness is more important than clever.

We are a dedicated team with a healthy amount of passion that extends beyond computers. The ping-pong table, the dart board, the annual camping trip, the cross-fit madness, the weekly surfing trips, the whisky talks; These are all ways that people in this company have left their marks on our culture by bringing their passion to work. We like to work. We love to play. We don’t consider these activities mutually exclusive.

Our Promises

We promise to pay a competitive salary. We strive to provide ownership in the company that goes beyond just a competitive equity package by ensuring that you can make an impact. We promise to provide a fun and challenging work while still maintaining an work-life balance with very flexible hours. We provide free lunch everyday from our in house chef, that cooks amazing food. We will work with you to offer you more than a job, we’ll offer you a career.

How to apply

Send resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.