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Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Our team is located in Vivint’s new Innovation Center near Salt Lake CIty, Utah, a facility that was expressly designed for engineers like you to come and use your skills and enthusiasm to design and develop embedded systems that put smart technology into the home.

What you will be working on:

Implement awesome video features into the Vivint system

Enable connected devices

Research and evaluate new technologies and tools

Participate in re-occurring “Innovation Days” and work on innovative projects of your choice

Create systems to handle lots of data from sensors, cameras, and user actions

Design and implement capabilities to expose to mobile apps

Design and implement server signaling and routing of video streams

Experience with the following technologies is a plus -

Go (golang)


gRPC or protobufs v3

Multithreaded coding and thread synchronization concepts


Security and data privacy


Video technologies WebRTC, mp4, HLS, RTSP, ffmpeg

Networking P2P protocols, STUN, TURN, & ICE NAT traversal routing

SIP signaling, streaming media, media servers

Experience with queuing, caching, persistence, performance, and concurrency techniques

Interest and knowledge of media formats H.264 or H.265, VP8 or VP9

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How to apply

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