Palo Alto, CA, USA

Staff Engineer - Go Lang

Want to work in some cutting edge technology?

Processing massive sensor data ingestion and build a backend infrastructure to process the

data using Google’s GO language and involving low footprint NoSQL, SQL, Search and a

myriad of other current techniques and products. The platform will have the ability to run in

memory and resource constrained hardware connected to sensors. GO brings together the

power of C with the ease and development speed of Python. It focuses on concurrency and

lends itself to massively horizontal scale. Moreover, GO is a small and easy language to get

comfortable with.

We intend to be the de facto IoT application factory platform with all aspects of scalability,

device management, advanced data processing, visualization etc.,

Who are we?

A stealth mode startup with a mission to significantly disrupt the IoT space. To

handle information at the IoT scale requires the latest innovations from just about every area of

computer science, including artificial intelligence, Stream & batch data services, distributed

computing, large-scale system design, security, user interface design, etc. Our client embraces

these technologies to build a distributed operating system and platform for IoT to enable

applications for sensors that are geographically distributed or mobile. The platform uses

sophisticated containers with data processing capabilities to move and execute applications in a

heterogeneous environment which includes cloud (public and private) and constrained devices/

sensors at the edge.

What do you need for this job?

• Experience in GoLang.

• Experience with at least one of C/C++/C#/Java/Scala.

• Experience with databases and caches

• Experience in building distributed systems

• Experience in building high throughput, low-latency systems

• Comfortable in adopting/learning new technologies

How to apply

Send resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.