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Stockholm, Sverige

The position will let you work in a small team of developers with a focus on building a fund and insurance broker designed for international markets. You will perform research, programming and implementation of services on specification from - and in close cooperation with - the company CTO.

Pensionera is a distributed system built in Go, with persistence handled by MariaDB, MongoDB and Amazon Aurora. Other prominent technologies include protobuf, CoreOS, Kubernetes and Docker. The system consists of 16 microservices, plus interfaces. The front end systems (internal CRM and a public website) are built in VueJS. CI is handled in GitLab, hosted on AWS on Kubernetes, including a Docker repository.

As a professional, you are probably a full-stack developer leaning toward back-end development who enjoys building robust, cutting-edge systems in an entrepreneurial environment with much freedom under responsibility. You are also a person who enjoys learning new technologies and methodologies. Most likely, you spend a lot of your free time reading articles and trying out new things. You are inspired by solving problems and seeing how fast the software business is evolving.

You also find testing and documentation to be crucial elements in a good system.

You are a developer who is very comfortable with building large-scale, business-critical systems with focus on the back end.

Pensionera is paving new paths in the investment broking industry, and we want you to join us!

The position is located in our offices on Sveavägen 24-26, Stockholm, Sweden. At this time, remote is not a possibility.

To apply, send an email to


Go, Elixir, C++, Java, Python, Ruby or corresponding

Cassandra, CouchBase, MySQL, MongoDB or corresponding

VCS (Mercurial / Git / Subversion or corresponding)

Additional Skills



Distrubuted Computing

Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration




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