Denver, CO, USA

Do you love to write code? Are you passionate about software craftsmanship? Would you like to work on projects with tangible impact?

As a software engineer in the VIPER Engineering Efficiency group, your work will multiply the productivity and effectiveness of a large engineering organization.

We work in many languages and on many platforms to create libraries that encourage best practices in large distributed systems. Engineering Efficiency is about innovating in the tools and processes our peers use to create every day.

Who Will I Work With?

You will collaborate with industry experts from many disciplines: software architects, network engineers, big data scientists, player developers, content security specialists, and various streaming video technologists. An EE engineer also engages with quality assurance engineers, technical operators, and development managers on a daily basis to ensure other teams workflows are optimal and, easy, and fun to use.

What Will I Work on?

You will build tools and libraries to make other developers more efficient. Your tasks will include work on CI systems, dependency management, distributed trace libraries, multiplatform protocols, turnkey distributed systems allocation and more.

What is my Impact?

Your code will drive the everyday workflows of hundreds of top engineers from deployment to debugging, provide performance and application critical functionality, and allow the business to innovate and execute with much greater confidence and speed.

What do we Value?

In the VIPER EE group, we value competency, effectiveness, and cooperation. Our small team has decades of experience working with teams to deliver amazing software. We expect the same ethos from those who join us.


  • Design new software applications, support applications under development, customize and contribute to open source software
  • Collaborate with engineers and stakeholders to identify and minimize process inefficiency and provide exponential increase in engineering effectiveness
  • Maintain and operate internal developer and manager facing infrastructure
  • Ensure the software architecture is lean and extensible
  • Build software libraries for others
  • Works with Quality Assurance team to develop integrations for automated end to end testing
  • Experiment with and drive adoption of radically new technologies in the organization

Skills & Requirements:

  • BS in Computer Science and 2+ years equivalent experience
  • Language polyglot with production experience in Go, Java, C/C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, and Python
  • Extremely strong Knowledge of Object Design, Design patterns, and Algorithms
  • Experience developing software for Networking, Web services, HTTP, and TCP/IP
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and distributed systems.
  • Experience with API and library design.
  • Excellent communicator; able to analyze and clearly articulate complex issues and technologies understandably and engagingly. Able to quickly grasp and fix others issues with your software.
  • Great design and problem solving skills
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills, adaptable, proactive and willing to take ownership
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment

About Comcast VIPER (Video IP Engineering & Research)

VIPER (Video IP Engineering & Research), is a startup division within Comcast’s Technology and Product Division and spun out from IP Video and online projects that originated within Comcast Interactive Media. We are based in downtown Denver, CO. We are a cloud-based IP video infrastructure that’s been built to deliver a broad mix of on-demand video, live TV streams, and an assortment of other digital media to an array of connected devices in the home. 

How to apply

Send resume to

Does this job really require Go skills? If not, please report it and we will take a look.